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Honors Academy Seal

The seal contains two symbols: a lamp and an open book. The lamp is a source of knowledge, wisdom, and strength. The open book represents intellectual curiosity.

Motto: Striving for Excellence

Members chose “Striving for Excellence” as the motto for the Houston Honors Academy because as honors students we seek to follow Aristotle’s belief that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Honors Academy Creed

We, the Members of the Houston High School Honors Academy, do hereby promise to continue to challenge ourselves through more difficult courses of study and to provide service to our school, neighborhood and community.


We vow to be respectful, responsible citizens who are role models for our peers and others.


We pledge to uphold the mission and vision of Houston High School, reach out to our fellow students and community, and conduct ourselves in a way that will bring dignity to our parents, our teachers, and ourselves.

Pinning Ceremony

The pinning ceremony is a symbol of all that The Honors Academy embodies. All who possess the pin represent the dedication and commitment of our membership. This ceremony is the initial recognition of the select students at Houston High School who fulfill the challenges and responsibilities of an Honors Academy Member.

Those who have met the academic requirements of academic excellence and devoted service for one year are pinned each fall.

Celebration of Excellence

Each spring the Honors Academy celebrates our seniors who have successfully completed all of the components of the program. Students display their Capstone projects and are recognized with a silver stole and an engraved medal, and a community reception follows.

Graduation Stoles and Medals

Each Honors Academy member who successfully completes all facets of the program wears a silver stole at graduation rather than the traditional red stole. Members also wear an engraved medal signifying their accomplishments. 

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