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Interact with our Community



The Houston High School Honors Academy challenges students to pursue excellence both in academic coursework and school and community leadership. Members of the Academy have chosen to distinguish themselves academically and to participate actively in service to the school and local community.

Through the Honors Academy experience, students cultivate life skills such as leadership, cooperation, organization, and responsibility. Honors Academy members will complete a capstone project as a culminating experience in an area of academic or career interest.


Share Your Experience:


You probably already know of people who either work for or have been served by your organization who are articulate, well informed, and appealing when sharing about their passion with a group.  The Honors Academy hosts speakers/ topics regarding potential careers, leadership, personal development or any other topic of interest to our high school students. 


We generally hold our meetings directly after school at 3:00, but we can be flexible on a mutually agreeable time and date.


If you have a topic that would be a good program or would be willing to pass along speakers who may be willing to speak to our group, please let us know!


The speaker form is found here.

Be a Mentor:

Each Honors Academy member completes a culminating activity where students combine both academics and service to develop an individual project on a subject of interest, a community need or a career choice. In completing the project, students demonstrate an ability to apply what they have learned during their academic career and connect it with an aspect of the community. 


Your role as mentor would be to provide a shadowing experience in a professional or community setting to help the student stretch and grow throughout the capstone project process by facilitating the student’s documentation of at least 20 hours of experience exploring their project goal.


The mentor form is found here.  
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