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Cohort Profile

The Houston High Honors Academy consists of over 450 students in grades 9-12 who attend Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee. These students hail from all parts of Shelby County, Tennessee representing 22 middle schools. 

Academic Performance:

The Honors Academy seeks to identify students who have the ability and work ethic to excel at the high school level. Successful applicants in the Class of 2024 cohort took advanced coursework including some combination of enriched/honors/APEX level English, enriched/honors/APEX level Mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, Honors Physical Science, and STEM or foreign languages.


Points to Remember:

  • EXPLORE scores range from 1 to 25, with 25 being the highest.

  • Four separate tests are included: English, mathematics, reading, and science.

  • The composite score is calculated as an average of the four test scores and provides an estimate of overall performance.

  • Applicants will be measured on the composite score and the individual component scores. While this only one component of the rubric, successful applicants usually meet 3 of the 4 subject benchmark scores. 

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