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Capstone Experience

Beginning in the spring of their Junior Year, members will complete a capstone project as a culminating experience that is:


  • An academic extension of elective focus or community service

  • Developed by senior in collaboration with a mentor

  • Showcases research, writing, and presentation skills

Advanced Placement Capstone

AP Capstone is built on the foundation of two courses — AP Seminar and AP Research — and is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth, discipline-specific study provided through AP courses. It cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative scholars and prepares students to make logical, evidence-based decisions.

If a student earns scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of his/her choosing, the student will receive the AP Capstone Diploma™.

Information on the AP Capstone Program from the College Board

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